‘Expectation’ – A poem by Shruti

There is a strong belief for some goodness to arrive,
There is a voice inside us which tells us to stay alive,
There is a walk which we have been enjoying on our own,
There is a sense of victory which comes after every storm.

Often we ask ourselves and we keep a check,
How are we doing?
And if we need our arms to be wide spread.

Sometimes we go on a walk and get wet in the rain,
Magic of nature gets experienced in the droplets, so simple and plain.
There is love, There are desires and expectations of various forms.
Each comes with its own beauty and thunderstorm.

Expectation is the unique of all,
Is silent within self,
Hidden Charisma it has after all.

Starts with self and gives a clear goal to achieve,
As it gets intense, creates a ladder of success and have pride above all.

The right measurement of it makes our world heavenly,
And little increase of its ingredient,
Makes us behave little insanely.

We hug ourselves, weep and celebrate a little,
And sometimes fail through them,
Its presence in us, makes us blossom with wisdom.

As soon as it develops for someone else,
Is respected till its given equal respect.

It is said, no expectations is the best practice one can have,
Reality is it’s a different creature to experience and have.

Expectation hurts, you must have heard a lot of times.
Right reason to be known should be priority and it has to be in line.

Fact is anything in excess is painful and shrewd.
If we have known the art of love,
We must explore the world of expectations too,
I expect from myself and so do you.

You expect from me and I expect from you.
The magic of having right expectations lies in simple and sorted self-belief.  
And so Dear Expectation,
We will keep seeing each other,
We will keep us intact and will empower,
For what can make,
Can break, I have known,
If we co-operate,
we are gonna be absolute and great.

– Shruti

Video of Poem on Expectation by Shruti


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