Trip to Bhangarh Fort and The travelers of this journey – Celebrating Life each day


The travelers of the journey to Bhangarh fort for me were very unique. Other than me and one friend of mine rest all 9 of the travelers were single parent. 4 Fathers and 5 Mothers in this group.
Our journey had started with an introduction to each other and in brief every one told their journey of life. Each one had a beautiful start of their story which changed and created turmoil in everyone’s life. Each one had a partner of their dreams. Some had got that through arranged marriage and some love marriage and own decision. But something weird happened which made them move away from their love but then they had a reason, a very strong reason to keep living their life with vigor and passion – Their kids.

So how different are single parents as travelers than the other lot.

Single parents have clear goals. They know what they want and why they want it. They are not dependent on anyone or they do not get influenced by any one. The lady in the group who initiated and planned the trip really knew what she is looking for and what kind of people may join and she made it happen.

Single parents are well organized. They work for self and their kids single handedly. So they know very well the importance of time and are patient enough to co operate. They have a defined structured itinerary.  No matter from how far everyone was reaching a common point to start the journey at as early as 5:15 am, every one adhered to the time, for they know how important it is to start and be back for their kids.

Single parents are flexible. They have dealt with the tantrums of their kids and so now while traveling they know well how to be flexible and would always be ready for any moment, when anything goes wrong. We lost the way while on the way to Bhangarh. Our driver had no idea where we were heading to be right or not and GPS wasn’t working, yet we managed to reach the destination. No one panicked or got angry over this.

Single parents are firm and precise. They mean exactly what they are saying. Well this differs from personality to personality but over all they make their point clear while they converse.

Single parents know when to take decision themselves and when to depend on others or the group they travel with. They are headstrong at the same time understand the need of the hour. The moment we entered in the gate of the fort, it started raining. We were 11 of us and there were 2 umbrellas. One of the ladies loves rain and she had made her mind to get wet and drenched and she happen to do that, while rest 10 of us adjusted in 2 umbrellas. You can well imagine how much dry we were that time but at the end of the rain we managed to stay dry at least some way. We were together and that speaks more than anything about the group bonding which developed in just few hours.

Single parents are brave. There was lady in the group who was very much scared of ghosts and in the entire journey she told this herself various time and told us that if any kind of heart attack comes to her, we should be there for her rescue. Well, despite knowing what she is afraid of she had taken the decision to travel to a place full of ghost stories. She took a risk to overcome her fear. How more can bravery better be defined.

Single parents are humble.

Single parents enjoy the present for they know well there is no guarantee of any time, Better to enjoy the present.

I got to travel with a bunch of strong heart people in our society having all the qualities mentioned above. The best part about the travelers was the fact that the spirit with which they live their lives is really commendable.  They get up early, they go to work, work hard, they come back home on time, give time to their kids, after all this – they take out time for themselves and work on their own happiness quotient. And I believe that, it is the biggest point to be grateful about. The energy that each one of them put in this society to make their life and their surrounding a better place to live in is really beautiful. The reason to separate with the partner could be any and many, could be sudden or could be thought of, but what you decide to do with yourself and how you evolve as a person matters so much. How you decide to maintain peace is the most important thing. How you make sure that your kid smiles and stay strong matters. How you despite knowing that you can’t live with the same person accepts the differences and decide to co operate in the situation maters. The enthusiasm in each person to take out time to develop themselves is the best thing and unique aspect that I found in these travelers than all the parents around who do not really have time for themselves and in the rush of developing someone else, who are their responsibilities forget themselves. We danced, we sang, we yelled, we helped. From them I again understood well about life, as to how important it is to believe in yourself and take care of your individuality. For if you yourself are happy can you make others happy.

Happy travelling.

Happy Positive Living, Celebrate Life. 🙂


  • Vineet

    Shruti, interesting write up and pictures. Good to see picture of two metal pieces we found, as part of our metal detecting activity. Great to read some of the qualities of single parents being put across in simple words. Keep up the good work and I am sure a lot of travelers to the fort would find the information useful.
    Wishing you all the best for all your future trips and write ups.

    August 3, 2017 - 10:54 pm Reply
    • Shruti

      Thank you very much. The travel became interesting because of all of you. 😊

      August 4, 2017 - 6:57 am Reply
  • Ashima

    Awesome post shruti. ..
    All you mentioned out about us Super Parents is true …and as i often tell ths group. ..Being single is indeed tough but see it as an adventure in itself and enjoy each and every moment of life …☺

    August 3, 2017 - 11:41 pm Reply
    • Shruti

      Ur welcome. All the very best in all ur endeavours.

      August 4, 2017 - 7:00 am Reply
  • Twisha

    Shruti, you have written it very well. Thanks for appreciating our positives towards life. Some points that you have mentioned above were oblivious to us. Although I was not part of this trip, but through your post I got to travel. And yes you have written it from your heart. Thanks and my best wishes with you!

    August 4, 2017 - 2:09 pm Reply
    • Shruti

      Thanks Twisha. Great that the write up could make you feel so. Thanks for your wishes.
      Keep following this space through fb page. Will be sharing more and more reads. People like you are inspiration to write. 😊

      August 5, 2017 - 1:23 pm Reply
  • Soni

    Being a Single parent is Hard. But It does not leave u weak. It makes u much more strong and Capable to do things u could not have imagined doing. Thanks Shruti to bring out the Highlights and Positivity of being a Single Super Parent.

    August 4, 2017 - 6:17 pm Reply
    • Shruti

      You are welcome. Be proud and strong. Keep spreading the goodness.

      August 5, 2017 - 1:17 pm Reply

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