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Celebrating Childhood

It was dusk and I was in the park, When I met that person, that day. Bunch of children surrounded me, And they asked me to play. It seems quite kiddish, To join hands with them and start, Shyness covered me and held me apart, They pulled me and showed me another being. One who […]

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बचपन में गर्मी की दोपहर

बरसों पहले जब गर्मी का मौसम आता था , बचपन क्या मज़े उठाता था , भीग जाती थी मासूम सी सूरत, उस गीलेपन में खेल खिलाता था, माँ कहती थी -‘चल आ मदद कर हमारी’, छत की तपती ज़मीन पे, आलू के पापड़ बिछाता था, धूप – छाँव खेल सा लगता था, एक पाँव के […]

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Balloons in the hand of Innocence

Balloons are one of my favorite things. There’re various memories associated with it. Whenever I see such innocent souls down the street selling their own childhood, carrying happiness for others in various colors.. I want to know what must be their happiness all about! At 9:30 pm do they have a life of their own […]

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