You are Love!

He said ‘’First Love is first love” and I denied,
For I have had been in love many a times.
Each particular time it felt very right, And then a new love was found.
He insisted on knowing ‘’Why isn’t for me first love is first love?”
I smiled and hid the long tales, and chose to tell the worst part.
And our conversation went on ….on Love.
In 3 decades of journey of life, I found love many a times.
In this journey the first love wasn’t the real first one, As it wasn’t complete from the other end the way one end had it to epitome.
I asked myself for how come do I find love so many times, And that’s when I found, When the love vibe meets a similar vibe and more than meeting when there is Acceptance, Love is complete and that real feeling stay between two souls.
When your heart breaks, You are disrespected, You are made to feel hard to love, and yet you choose to love..that feeling passes from one person to another.time and again- Its when you keep finding love because You yourself are full of love.
Finding love has been really easy, Finding Real Love has been a task, The Real Love was asking me about ‘First Love’ For Love is love when you are really in love, When distance, no conversations, no promises, no fights matter. Nothing can make apart Real Love.
You are Love.


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