Happy Fool’s Day :)


One day a man tried to discover himself,

He wanted to shift himself in his own world for a while,

He looked in the mirror… gazed into his eyes,

He drowned, he laughed in the depth, of his eyes,

He found something, he was completely unaware of,

He heard, precious SILENCE…(He forgot in the past),

He Enjoyed, He Danced, He Flew with the flow of the wind,

And asked himself, something to get aware,

“Was I making a fool of myself in Life?”

“The road I have been leading, is really a delight?”

“Do I need to take care of the man, I was one day?”

“And keep him always in the safest place!”

He discovered he had a fool in himself, deep inside,

Who always made him to know the right way to fly,

A masterpiece he was to everyone around,

Had a secret of being a master on the Ground,

He was known to be a Fool Someday,

That fool directed him in such a way,

That he turned into a successful man with pride,

He learnt a lesson that very day-

“Learning is a process for a Life Time,

One needs a motivating force to shine,

If you think you are born to succeed in life,

Keep your fool alive, in such a systematic way to glide,

That becomes a lamp which has its brightness,

Leading to . . . the way of Wisdom”

Happy Fool’s Day 


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