The feeling of standing on the land of highest village in the world, Komic :)

While I have always been wanting to create a painting of you,
In the process I forgot to make one where even I am the part of my own creation,
But then like always, you without saying a word gave me direction through your silence,
The silence of yours which I do understand,
And probably that’s the beauty of our togetherness where words are important but expression says more, 
And look at me here, I am posing with nature and magic of the village Komic with my arms open,
Happily, Crazily,
Accepting the goodness around,
Absorbing positive vibes,
The sky has painted itself in various colours and the ground I am standing at is of the highest village in the world,
I am so glad for I have a director like you,
And see how I have become a part of picture which looks like painting 😍.

This picture is of the highest village in the world, Komic, Himachal Pradesh – 15207 ft above sea level. 🤗.


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