Clouds, Spiti & Childhood Memories

When I was a child and there use to be more in person conversations, we use to spend out winter days on the terrace taking sun bath and looking at the shape of the clouds. I and my siblings were asked to tell which cloud is looking like which thing? We use to find fish, horse, table, face, etc everything in the sky.. so high use to be our imagination hanging in the sky. Clouds were a symbol of happiness and innovation for us and the days use to make us feel so innovative. We use to make stories looking at nature and stay joyful.

Now when we are all grown up and have technological , technical , professional , emotional perceptions and imaginations.. even during this time the childhood habits are intact. This view in this picture of the cloud resting in between the mountains were so catchy and like a white sugary desert that I could restrict myself clicking it.
The blue sky, green mountain, frozen ice melting and pouring its worth into the river, and the traveler ; majestic.



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