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What’s interesting in Rajasthan’s Shekhawati region to explore? Find Out!

The Golden Haveli Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of getting lost. And that...

Magic called Kumbh 2019, Prayagraj

City name change has been very frequent in India. The unique change of name of a city in India happened in Oct...

A long weekend escape: To Chennai to Mahab to Pondicherry to...

Long weekends are blessings for all working and non working friends and family who get a chance to move out of their...

Shruti Bhargava


I am one of you. I am a dreamer. As much as I love colors, I like mismatch clothes and accessories. As much as I like reading non fiction novels, I like fiction as much. Making Paintings with colors is versatile to me, a sketch with just a pencil creates deep involvement for me. Beaches, mountains, deserts, snow land – Any natural place is equally attractive to me. I am a blend of a small city simple person with a metro city centric approaches and challenges. Expect all kind of stuff on this web page. Welcome to Maine Dekha Hai. Shruti

Video of Workshop on Climate change at Accurate Institute of Management...

Workshop on Climate Change in Accurate Institute of Management. Talks about dreams, my journey till date in life, climate change, Antarctica, Antarctic...

Video of participation in International Antarctic Expedition 2018

Hope you are having a great time. To communicate with you in a manner so as to share with...

Video of Penguin love in Antarctica!

I was a part of International Antarctic Expedition 2018, also called Climate Force Antarctica 2018, led by Robert Swan, 2041 – from...

Video Message for YOU recorded on a Chilling night on the...

I am Shruti Bhargava. I am one of 90 lucky people from across the world who got an opportunity to be a...

Top 5 Places To Visit Near Chandigarh For A Weekend Getaway...

What makes a great weekend getaway? A quick escape to a serene destination where you would not require to do heaps of...

Road trip from Delhi to Lansdowne: ‘A sleepy and calm hamlet’...

It was a month of September when we decided to visit this unexplored terrain of Garwal. Earlier, my husband was a little hesitant to...

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