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Imagination, the painting & YOU

I wanted to paint my imagination,   So as to bring you to life. Everything I have dreamt of you, Every smallest of the goodness you carry, And the scars on your face, aah that makes you look so different. The tiniest of the details you have, To the dimmest of the moments, I wanted […]

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The Road trip to Mount Abu & Udaipur!

“Bahut garmi hai” is what I was told by everyone who got to know that I would be travelling to Rajasthan in the month of April. Season of course matters when one travels to any of the destination, yet I feel that when one has an opportunity to travel and see the unseen, one must […]

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True Love

Its never ending like river, & as Pure as your soul. It’s as simple as Simplicity , & 100% Secure. Its damn Fortunate and sometimes Serendipity, & A Tale never heard of. At times its Unaware, & Silent of course. It’s Loud like erupting volcano, & As warm as A hug. Has depth of feelings, […]

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Maa! The mind has innumerable thoughts when it’s about Maa (Mother). Untold thoughts, Obvious thoughts, Some Comfortable, Never Harsh, Impeccable one’s, Supportive, Super powered woman comes to mind – when it’s about Maa. Love has to be her default giveaway and caretaking a responsibility. The world has now created types of mothers – Biological Mother […]

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