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Ineffable Joy of Giving! – Part 2

  It’s been an eventful day for me. The Wednesdays are favorite of its kind, since it shows you how the week has been going and how soon the weekend is to arrive 🙂 . I drove to one of the posh market of the city I live in. I parked the car and the […]

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Kanwar Yatra- A Boon or a bane!

I drove for about 120 km on a Sunday, which is not a big deal for a Delhite. We get use to long distances. What matters to us is how much time it takes to reach from one place to other. Today I drove from Akshardham to Gurgaon, what I experienced is something very serious […]

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There is a busy life, And there is satisfaction. There is a hustle bustle, And there is peace. There is desire of the known, And there is a learning to know the unknown. There is a race, And there is a need to take it easy. There is over closeness, And there is space all […]

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