Kalpa – Kalpa is a small town in the Sutlej river valley, above Recong Peo in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Northern India, in the Indian Himalaya. It is inhabited by Kinnauris and famous for its apple orchards.

It was evening and the sunset was about to occur, by the time we reached our hotel at Kalpa.

Right in front of our hotel was the majestic view of Mt. Kinnar Kailash. But before we appreciated that, we walked down from our hotel and started walking towards a Village called Rogi Village. (Ram Bhaiya had told about this place. He said it’s just 3 km from the hotel and is a village of its kind). So before it got dark we had to return to our Hotel area. We started walking and found these sheep and variety of flowers.

The sheeps

The mount Kinner Kailash

On our right were other village entries and on left was a deep valley. There came a point from there came a sound of engine. While we walked further we realized it was swirling air in the valley which was creating that sound.

It seemed the road has ended.

The road on which we were walking had a suicide point. The place was 1000s of feet above sea level. It was getting darker and crazy. We had walked a long way and going back from where we were was an impossible affair. There was no network in that area. After few minutes I got BSNL connectivity and I called our driver to come and pick us up, but his number was off. We didn’t panic. We called the Spiti tour operator and they somehow managed to send car for us.

That day we couldn’t walk up to the village area, but the half way walk was quite an adventure and a scenic evening walk in the hills.

Room with an evening view –


And the mornings –