City name change has been very frequent in India. The unique change of name of a city in India happened in Oct 2018 when City Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh State was renamed as Prayagraj.

The city which is going to host the biggest event of the country and one of its kind in the world. – Kumbh Mela 2019. And there comes the most amazing part, where a temporary city has been created. Its the largest temporary city in the world.
The temporary city will have 250 km long roads and 22 pontoon bridges. The Kumbh Mela area, for the first time, will be brightened up with over 40,000 LED lights. UNESCO has already included Kumbh in the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

At this year’s Kumbh Mela, the Uttar Pradesh government expects 6 lakh villagers from across India and over 5,000 NRIs. A total estimate is about 10 crores. Largest of its kind.
It is also for the first time in the last 450 years that the devotees coming to the Kumbh will have an opportunity to pray at ‘Akshay Vat’ and ‘Sarasvati Koop’.

“The Kumbh is organised at Triveni Sangam, but it is related to entire Prayagraj area. Keeping this in view, the state government has beautified all the places directly or indirectly linked to the Kumbh. For convenience of the devotees and the tourists visiting the Kumbh, (Pictures below).
The facility of reaching there by air, road and river has been made for the first time”. There is direct flight from Delhi, Ahemdabad and Kolkata to Prayagraj area. The flight scheduled are to operate from January 13 to March 30 2019.

Ambassadors of about 71 countries have already witnessed the preparations for this grand event. They have unfurled the national flag of their countries on the bank of Triveni in Kumbh Mela area.
To boost security, the Kumbh Mela area has been brought under the surveillance of Integrated Control and Command Centre and CCTV cameras.
The Ardh Kumbh Mela will begin from January 14 and continue till March 3 at the Triveni Sangam – the holy confluence of river Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

Things to do in PrayagRaj, Allahabad –

Khushru Baag – You can roam around to this park with historical monument and have some leisure time and picturesque location.

Sangam – A place like no other. Watch out some beauty here-

Visit Kumbh 2019, Prayagraj and experience Magic. You can thank me later  :).



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