What am I in this world?
I often ask myself.
What is the purpose of my living?
I try to address.
Am I adding anything to the surrounding I live in,
I wonder several times?
Is this life being worth lived, all this while!
I remember when I was a kid,
The outdoors mattered during summer holidays,
It use to be hot, but then so what! We must play.
I am three decade old, so I have more memories than pictures of childhood.
I am that much old that I have seen changing environment consisting of Nature and society led by Human race.
I was taught to be human first and so I try and abide by it’s essence,
And try and spread love where ever I go.
I am glad to have freedom to believe in what I can do,
It’s easy to dream,
It takes a lot of strength to live it in this lifetime.
Today, everyone is talking about environment safety,
Oh plastic in ocean is rising,
And the temperature is out of control,
Water shortage in Shimla,
Oho Arizona is melting terribly oh God oh,
No plastic!
No one time usable plastic!
No Pads and tampons!
No this and that is being spoken about!
Even the solutions are coming out,
It would be great if for the showbiz sake only we follow the right way,
yet I wonder have we wondered about the environment we live in every day,
The environment which is about being human to each other,
The environment which is about no child labor,
The environment which is about let the girl take birth and shine bright,
The environment which is about no molestation of any kind,
The environment which is suppose to have love,
The environment which is about respect for each other,
The environment which is about maintaining the ecosystem,
The environment which is safe, really?
We ask every day!
If we get sometime from our busy schedule,
We need to think on these lines,
Are we really Humane to ourselves and then to the world?
If we get an answer to this ask,
We definitely might have a fantastic coming time!

Happy World Environment day! ☺️



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