Its never ending like river,& as Pure as your soul.
It’s as simple as Simplicity ,
& 100% Secure.
Its damn Fortunate and sometimes Serendipity,
& A Tale never heard of.
At times its Unaware,
& Silent of course.
It’s Loud like erupting volcano,
& As warm as A hug.
Has depth of feelings,
& amazingly Focused.
It Increases with time,
and is a Confidence provider.
It’s Very Rare to find,
Blessed people are divined.
Some call it a Miracle,
For some it’s a Mystery,
Suddenly it comes as a Wonder,
& at times it’s just a history.
There are people who never mention it in words yet every act of their’s well implies,
They neither show nor do they want to prove even for a while.
There are some who mention it thousand times in words but never feel the real thing,
It is something which always make you go up in life and shine.
Its a strength,
What makes us weak is its dearth,
It is never blind and totally awakened.
It’s natural, completes you and make you every day better and  hence that Love  is True Love!



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