Life,life life…..
Its little ineffable.
But still with depth.
Hard to define,but every time a smell.
Create muse with blowing blues,
Full of breathe,ENOUGH,if felt with full depth.
Is sloppy a bit,but so is its nature.
Become steep if hard work is one’s nature.
Black clouds may surround,
With surely lots of thundering sound.
Clouds of doubt may be some,
They are avoided if the path is with wisdom.
Failures are the part of the journey,
They turn to victory if the pain is funny.
The path to success is always with hurdles,
Tiredness is felt,but is so mischievous in itself,
That it create s happiness that is always fresh.
Friends are many but in true sense are few.
To bring out the best is what they firmly do.
Problems may arise at any moment,
They come like rain with rainbows at the end.
Families are the wonderful and priceless membership that we get.
The roots of love make them strongest and best.
Each soul must have the medicine called LAUGHTER,
Its increment is always for better.
Decoration of dreams is the way to keep the hopes bright.
Just a sound faith pores them turn in reality in life.
There is more joy in giving than in receiving,
And LOVE has everything to do with the largess of heart beaming.
LOVE is a treasure that never fails,
The endurance,trust and hope outlast always.
The ULTIMATE GIFT that life gives to us,
Is just to live greatly and to the fullest with zest.


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