Every sunset gives a new dream,
A new hope,
A new perspective,
A new thought.
It makes us believe how beautiful is life,
And if we observe and live slowly and steadily, respectively,
We tend to believe deep in our hearts,
The value of life,
The beauty of nature,
The importance of small things,
We look at the sun,
Which gives us reason to wake up every day,
And we know there is so much more to life that the regular hiccups and worries.
Whenever clouds over shadow the sun,
We appreciate the beauty of the view it brings,
So when cloudy thoughts or situations surround us,
We must know the beauty of the energy we have to bear every pain,
For life is just once,
To make it or break it.
My walk in hurry today evening ceased me looking at this view. 

Nature always surprise s me with its beauty. The birds around the clouds remind me of us. We have wings to fly. Its only us who choose to stay in the cloud or outside 

Have a great day.



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