You will always see a smile on her face,
And you might have wondered if she is ever under stress.
You would find her fighting hers and others battles,
And living with no regrets.

You have always seen her independent,
And Real, no matter what the situation demands.
You found your lost self,hence you admire her most of the times.

She is assumed to be strong always.
She hasn’t shown her tears anyways.
There are times when she is tired of being a warrior,
Then she reminds herself if at all she has a choice!

When she asks for help,you would have wondered WHY ?
She is friendly with everyone mostly,
In need, she has learnt to make a NEW friend around.

She is strong, is what you think of her,
She has got no right to fail,
She is an enabler in your eyes,
Going on, at her own pace.

She is profound,
She has emerged,
She is magnificent in every way.
She is subtle,
And lucid,
She is an amazement,And with grace.

– Each self sufficient Girl around ♥️


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I am one of you. I am a dreamer. As much as I love colors, I like mismatch clothes and accessories. As much as I like reading non fiction novels, I like fiction as much. Making Paintings with colors is versatile to me, a sketch with just a pencil creates deep involvement for me. Beaches, mountains, deserts, snow land – Any natural place is equally attractive to me. I am a blend of a small city simple person with a metro city centric approaches and challenges. Expect all kind of stuff on this web page. Welcome to Maine Dekha Hai. Shruti


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