I wanted to paint my imagination,  
So as to bring you to life.
Everything I dreamed of you,
Every smallest of the goodness you carry,
And the scars on your face, aah that makes you look so different.
The tiniest of the details you have,
To the dimmest of the moments,
I wanted all to be a part of my painting.
I tried many a times but there was something missing all the time,
I wasn’t able to figure out the flaw,
And then a moment came when the reality appeared in front of me,
All my attempts were answered.
All my wishes came true.
The colors fall in place.
And the magic of your aura helped me to bring life in the painting I  always wanted to..

It took lot of time,
And I was short of patience,
You were right there,
Glancing every bit..silently,
Eventually you came and the life is colorful like never before.



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