Earth Day 2020 – 22.04.2020

Nature is the God,
Closeness to it is unique.
Nature is a blessing,
In abundance it has been coming.
Each life on Earth has a reason to its existence,
Being alive is a matter of creation.
Earth is what we all have in common,
Respect is what it deserves each moment.
Look at
The trees, and the glory they bring,
The animals wild and free,
A full continent totally made of ice,
The water bodies changing with each tide,
The humans, most intellect of all,
Acknowledges and pampers its surrounding,
Digging and raping is usual.
Earth Forgives,
Strengthens itself time and again,
Its Motherly,
Having enough patience.
Nature is magical,
when we relate with it.
Earth is like a mother,
we have to be Mutual lover,
Climate change has been alarming in itself for years now,
taking right steps for self should be priority now,
The belief that someone else will save it,
doesn’t work,
when you own a space on earth,
Your step is of full worth.
It’s the only home for each one of us,
We are the only hope for it to keep considering us.
For we need Earth, it doesn’t need us,
Each thought of ours today and tomorrow matters so much.

For we are the cure,
we have been the destructor,
for we have to make a choice,
of our future,
for the loud winds and breaking ice,
falling mountains and roaring tides,
for our own safety, we have to derive,
the way of living and align our doings.



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