कोई चाँद चाँद कहता रहा,
कोई चाँद को अपना बना बैठा,
कोई चाँद को तस्वीर में उतार चला,
कोई चाँद को रस्मों में बांधता चला,
कोई चाँद को देखने की फ़िराक में, बादलों को गले लगाता चला,
कोई उड़ान भरता है ये सोच के, की एक दिन तो चाँद को पायेगा,
कोई खुद  को चाँद समझ, ये दुनिया जगमगाएगा।

Poetry Series :- Poem – Part 2- Chaand; कविता – पार्ट – २ – चाँद। 🙂

Good morning, This happy morning I have got some lines on beauty of night, the Stunning Moon. It is one of my favourite subject to write about and most favourite object to watch at night This poem is about Chaand/ Moon with different perspectives of people. I hope you would like the video. Pls watch the video and if you like it, share it and follow and like the page too. If you have any suggestion, pls share that too in the comment below. Your feedback is important to stay motivated to continue this series. Thanks and Much love in Advance. STAY BRIGHT, SHINE.STAY SAFE, STAY HOME, BE HAPPY & TAKE CAREShruti

Posted by Maine Dekha Hai on Thursday, 16 April 2020


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