The best quality which my grandmother made me have is to be self-reliant and as much as possible independent. She use to say that when you know how to manage most of the things yourself, you gain confidence and health. And I agree to this so very much. This does not mean you do not need anyone else, it means that you become an asset for anyone else and can provide employment, help and through your capabilities you can make the surrounding and people you meet, further Self Reliant. For being simple is simple, it takes courage to be so.

What is meant by Self-Reliance?
Selfreliance is the ability to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you.” In a broad way – it’s about managing most of the requirements by self and becoming a support to another person and helping them out.

So what does Self-reliance brings to us?

  1. Saves time  
  2. Gives confidence
  3. Make learn new things
  4. Increase adaptability
  5. We discover ourselves
  6. Gain fulfilment and contentment
  7. Empowers
  8. Full potential realization
  9. Not needing anyone’s approval
  10. You finally know how Satisfaction and Happiness looks like
Vocal for local – Message from Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the citizens of India

How about going local?

Most of us are in habit of flaunting the imported stuff and if not so, getting the stuff 2000 kms away has been a point of conversation. What’s found in your own city or village has less value. Not in all of us yet most of us. We feel pride in owning stuff from another country or from another city.

What is meant by going local?
As per government, Local is not just local products made by domestic companies. Anything that is manufactured in the country (India) for us is local. 
To get local, we first of all need to appreciate our people and our surroundings.

It’s high time to get local, wonder why and how?

Why should we go Local ?

  1. Fresher food is available at your local market.
  2. There is way less packaging involved.
  3.  Buying local helps the local economy – Local Employment
  4.  Buying local helps support your neighbors.
  5. You know where your food comes from if you buy it at the market.
  6. Buying local is actually better for the planet.
  7. The experience is way more fun.
  8. You get to meet the creator.
  9. It can help you save money.
  10.  Buying local gives you the opportunity to buy in bulk.

How to be Vocal for Local ?

  1. Think, Start thinking about people and environment around you
  2. Buy local eatables/vegetables
  3. Buy local made clothes
  4. Travel domestic
  5. Buy products Made in India
  6. While purchasing check on the product from where has it come to the store – lowest the distance better it is because you don’t only help that way to local economy but also you contribute to save environment by buying less carbon footprint products

How will being Vocal for Local help you ?

  1. Increases employment around you
  2. Better economic conditions
  3. Reduces Travel time
  4. Lowers stress of long distances
  5. Would better the lifestyle
  6. You pay less taxes

For traveler  – The travel freak in me whenever went to another place to visit, I use to make sure that I get to taste local delicacy, local clothes to click pictures, local people to talk to, know history and local vibes settling in me – must have that much of time to feel it. So even in your own country, before you think of exploring another state, get to know all which you can about your own place in each way.

For food enthusiast – It would be a great idea to start cooking by self. And when not, it is great to explore local joints from a normal shop to a great hotel, each place has its own vibe. + Eat food which is seasonal and local. Rather, grow your own food.

While you decide to go local, you will start having a sustainable living. Here is how?

  1. Think twice before shopping. – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
  2. Make sure your big purchases have big environmental benefits. – Get solar energy products or Hybrid products-
  3. Go #PlasticFree.
  4. Boycott products that endanger wildlife. – don’t use products made of animal skin or bones or other stuff
  5. Pay attention to labels. – Where is it made in? What does it consist of?
  6. Be water wise.- Like using sanitizer and wearing a mask, make sure you carry your own bottles.
  7. Drive less, drive green.
  8. Green your home. – by planting and by using energy efficient products
  9. Choose Wild Energy/ Renewable energy – you can save on your electricity bill by having solar panels on your roof top.
  10. Take Extinction Off Your Plate. – don’t waste food. Eat environment friendly products
  11. Choose to have a smaller family. – Less population is the solution for lot of problems

When the movement of people is going to be minimum, it is only the local people, buyers, sellers which can help each other. It’s a circle of benefit for all.
This is a golden time to get to basics. Being local, Self-reliant and having a Sustainable living, can make you have a satisfied living & very much for human kind.

Wishing you Self-reliant (Aatm Nirbhar), local friendly and sustainable life,


    • Thanks a lot. I really wish the understanding of being local is understand in a better way by each one of us.

  1. Very nicely articulated. This is the need of the hour. We should look at sustainable solutions rather than quick fixes.

    • Thank you very much Sumit. Yes, there has to be a transitional change. And has to be now at the smallest to the biggest level.


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