He said ‘Less is more’ and I wondered how, like you are wondering right now. Robert Swan, the first man in the history to walk to South and North Pole, said this addressing many of my co participants, while on the expedition to Antarctica.

In 21st century, we as humans have been wanting to acquire materialistic things as much as possible. Some wants money, some property, some better job, some more social friends and relationships, some more or bigger car, some more valuables and so on. We all have our list of wishes and desires. And the fact is the list is never ending. The more, we get, more we desire. One thought is that there is nothing wrong in that. In fact to desire for more is steady process of growth.

Well, how about having less? Having One and the perfect House, a house of dreams, a house of values, a house of strong bond, Having one and the perfect Job or your own venture and excelling in it, Having limited and best of friends and relationship standing with us in all good and bad times, Having that one person, for whom you mean the world, Having a car enough to be safe and secure and having the best ride with someone we really want to spend time with, Most importantly having limited (less) THOUGHTS and sorting thousand disturbances which often collide with each other and create havoc in our minds. More thoughts means more chaos. Limited thoughts means putting those thoughts in a direction positive enough to be a better human and a help to other living beings.

How about having more love, more peace, more human connections, more open mind, more happiness, more encouragement, more inspiration, more smiles, more laughter, more hugs, more enthusiasm, more positive vibes, more oxygen, more greenery, more attention, more eye to eye contacts (lost somewhere, courtesy social media), more travel ( so as to know how this world is). All of it comes in abundance when you OWN less and GIVE more.

When there are limited things to hold and be responsible for, there is more attention to give. Limited loved relationships have more to explore in each other and stay along with.

Hence, Less is even More!

Jab ye Dil Mange More, tell Less is More ;).



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