Who could imagine that such a time would come, when distancing would be more important than closeness? Who could have thought through, that the humans really would get caged? There have been enough alarms to tell us the better way out to our living. If we ask ourselves with honesty, we have been keeping the alarms on MUTE. Blind folding self doesn’t bring the automatic changes to the situations, it’s only the actions which create a change. A change to a better world.

BASIC NEEDS OF HUMAN SURVIVAL – Let’s have a look on basic needs of humans, of each Human. Those are – Sunlight, Air, Water, Food, Shelter and Clothing.
In last few years these basic needs have climbed additional way by needing Novelty, Justice, Cultural Security, Identity, Safety and security, Self-esteem, Participation, Belongingness, Personal fulfillment, Motivation and this list is never ending because the needs now differ from person to person.
Not only this now owning Car, Internet, Gadgets, Domestic help for most of the things have become a necessity.
OUR LIVES – Let’s look at our lives in last 30-40 days. All of you reading this have a roof on your head. You have a great sunlight reaching out to you each day. The polluted and hazardous air quality has come to extremely good level. The water quality and supply has become better. Isn’t it? But here is a catch. Water needs to be efficiently and wisely used. Summers are around. It’s better not to waste water. Most of the people have two timed food and guess what you are eating fresh and healthy food. So many have learnt art of survival, cooking.
When we look in our Almirah we realize each time, that we have ENOUGH. So right from having shelter to having food, clean air, drinkable water and more than enough clothes, you and I have enough, enough to survive & assertively to live.

DAILY WAGE WORKERS -There are millions of people in our own country India and across the world who earn each day to live. Each day is a new day for them. One thing I have really learnt from them in a long time by having conversations with such people is– TO TAKE EACH DAY AT A TIME. Which basically means to deal with things as they happen, and not to make plans or to worry about the future. I believe the most simple and tricky thing is ‘to LIVE in NOW’. Because what we have is just NOW and nothing else.
The uncertainty with daily wage workers led them to lead a path to somewhere else, where they can survive. Their need has been survival. They understood that earning was going to take a pause. Better planning of lockdown could have saved the worry and efforts these people took to walk to their village having a hope of having food of at least one time and being with their loved ones. The more you talk to these people, further you will get convinced how little is required to lead a happy and satisfied life. Being poor is not the catch, the catch is to live to the fullest and appreciating little things you already have.
Having mentioned about the kind of people who exist in this world, one thing is clear, this way or that way our basic requirements are being met.

Seeing a clear sky or observing chirping birds have started bringing peace to us. Having morning tea with our loved ones and listening to a melody in free time has started making us feel blissful. Doing nothing for many is evolving us. This time is making us learn new things and know a New Us.

On the other side, Nature is taking a turn. Nature has been suffering. It’s being molested and raped every now and then. It’s been forgiving and nurturing itself on its own. And now nature decided to heal. Heal on its own way. Picture of ‘Those animals in zoo’ we all have visualized who have been unlucky enough to witness a Zoo, because today we feel that our own houses have become Zoo. Is this feeling strong enough to make policies to stop caging animals? Can we stop killing them? Can we have mercy on ourselves by having mercy on them?

We all have been suffocating ourselves in the rising pollution and yet not doing ANYTHING about it collectively. Now when the air has filtered itself its own way, do we have anything to say about that? Is this clean air going to make us, keep it clean? Air won’t pollute itself. Our actions surely would. Can we tell ourselves to behave and minimize automotive creating pollution and shifting to more local living and efficient and nature friendly vehicles? It’s funny that the world economy is collapsing because people are buying only what they really need.

The beauty which we see in Nature across the world because now we have time and a window to look into it is only going to be similar if not the same IF the changes are brought transitionally and consistently in the way we live. Else all the goodness which we experience today will fade once we are out of our houses.

Nature has given a glorious chance to us to change the way we live for a better tomorrow and have a better world for a longer time. So if you want to change this world for the younger generation who are wondering about the pandemic more than anyone else, please start thinking and planning and acting on small steps of change, on your own, now.


Stay Safe,


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