I am excited to share how I thought of and created a green surrounding in my house (living).
I am mostly travelling yet when I have been at home, I have craved for plants around me, but the very thought of maintaining it has stopped me to initiate plantation. To start with I planted Basil, Curry Plant, Money Plant, Aloe vera which are low maintenance for outdoor and very useful. And got Peace Lily and Areca Palm for indoor.

Then, I happened to get seeds of All season flower plant. Single use plastic and broken boxes were plenty in the house. I used all of them to create small pots for the seeds. These boxes’re of mushroom, biscuits, vanish powder and other kinds of waste boxes. The seeds have started growing and soon the beauty of flowers would make the balcony bloom.

Most of us have shampoo bottles, oil bottles, water bottles, etc which are waste post usage. When I shop, I try and buy a larger pack in order to make use of the product for long and reuse the pack for other purposes. And though I have been lazy to make use, yet I do not throw away the used bottles, boxes and have been collecting all kinds. Here you can see, right from deo bottle, to hand wash bottle to shampoo bottle to soda water bottle to oil bottle, hair oil bottle and liquor one’s too have been washed and have been decorated with most low maintenance plant – Money Plant, all around the house. Kitchen to living room to bed room – Greenery at all corners are pleasant to eyes and peaceful to mind.

These bottles can be well decorated and appearance can be further bettered.
Sunday well spent. Recycled, Planted, Reused.

What’s your idea of low maintenance Green Eco friendly living ?



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