There is just so much going on around us that it has become difficult to keep ourselves sane during second wave of Covid-19. Sane to focus on doing something constructive. This is a feeling common to all of us living in India right now. Despite so much turmoil and uncertainty we are in, we have some lessons coming our way in a hard way. Lessons which we need to learn about ourselves, our loved one’s and most importantly about the Nature we should be indebted to, for letting us have this life.

Learnings you can resonate with –

1) Live In the Moment – We have been hearing this in all preaching classes where we are specifically told that all we have is this moment. Present matters so much. People living in past – good and bad memories or planning for future and missing the present, miss a lot. This time is making all of us feel the importance of feeling good, positive and happy within this moment, as we do not know Kal ho na ho.

2) Practice Gratitude – You are breathing while you are reading this. As of today to every day and each moment, we are able to be thankful for each breath we are taking. We are thankful if we ourselves or someone close got infected and sailed through safely. We are thankful for each prayer which gave us strength to overcome our fears and every help which made us feel alive. We are nothing without each other, we have got to know sound and clear. We are thankful for all the front liners who are fighting this battle for humanity. And this roof top under which we are able to have shelter. Oh this device on which we are able to reach this article and the list is unending. In nutshell, if we practice we will find more blessings around us than we could ever imagine. Yes there is a crisis, but do we have an option than to choose Hope to conquer over this situation? What all are you thankful for, today? (Write for yourself and if you would like to share with the world, comment here or in your circle 🙂 ).

3) Live without regrets – There is so much we hold back within ourselves. You are an introvert or an extrovert, it doesn’t matter. What matters is if you are able to say that thought which has been lying in your head to the person concerned, at the right time. Living without regrets is easier said than done. In order to live that one, one has to be quick and considerable to appreciate this life, this moment and its philosophy. We are living in times where we do not know if we will have a tomorrow or not, so why not to be wise to spend our time and do not have any regrets.

4) Making Health a Priority –
For most of us having a career has been a priority. It is one of the priorities for sure. How about putting your health at stake to build the career, the house, the family for which we do not have time? These times where Immunity is spoken about a lot is making us rethink what we actually consume. All brands in the market with possible Immunity communication are stealing our wallet. Consultation on what we should consume in terms of food, social media content, people is all time high. Do we still know what’s right for us! Daily exercising is a must, we know now. Meditation has to become a way of living most of us have got to understand.

5) Learn to Self Care & Watch your Intent – Often we get busy in our schedule to take care of everyone except ourselves. Listening to our body and mind are the most crucial part of self-care. Our body tells us if it’s undergoing any changes. This is a time to listen to your body and mind closely and value Me time. Make self a priority. That does not mean to be selfish. That means to manage self first and be worthy to help others. Doosron ki jai se pehle khud ki jai karein.
Many relationships, wars, deals are made or broken due to Intent. One’s Intent defines a person’s character and that does mean having the right spirit and right reasoning for doing anything with anybody including self. People with the right intent are a blessing on this planet and reason for the existence of all cherishing experiences in life.

6) Value being independent and understanding Solitude – So many of us are in fear of living a life of being dependent on another person. Being independent brings confidence in self to handle many kinds of panic situations. It makes our life comparatively easier so as to build communication or networking skills. Financial independence makes us feel secure in ourselves. Even if we go through emotional trauma, we tend to have support within ourselves to build our lives again.
Isolation has been necessary in case anyone gets infected. Most of us are blessed to recover with the right medications and at home, in which isolation plays a key role. For many of us spending time alone is a task and this has scared hell out of us. Possible reasons could be fear of being alone, despite just living in a room alone. For those who are used to living alone, this time has brought another kind of challenge. For the one who has a habit of living alone is not equipped to take care of himself in adverse situations. There comes the importance of communication and keeping your dear one’s informed. Having said that once we understand Solitude and learn to embrace it, it can bring a lot of healing. Fearless living and managing self; and being capable enough to be able to help others.

7) Save for the worst times – Crisis requires a lot of financial support. Living in the moment, keeping in mind the crisis can be a great relaxation when one really needs it. Wo kehte hain na, musibat bata ke nahi aati.

8) Have Health Insurance – Insurance is not mandatory in our country. We tend to have Vehicle insurance because that’s mandatory but own health insurance is a low key for most of us. As soon as any medical situation comes, medical insurance is of very much importance. While we deal with emotional and physical draining, financial back up in terms of insurance could be of great support.

9) Seek help and Give Help – Say it what you are going through. It could be about being infected or it could be just about how one feels. That feeling could be about the silliest or craziest. It’s important to convey how one feels. There are times when one feels exhausted simply listening to daily challenges around and passing away of known people. It’s important to have a balanced Mental Health to keep sanity to overcome any challenge, and this one is invisible to be sought which can be handled by a strong minded person.
As much as you seek help, someone might need it. Look around and offer as much help as you can. Always.

10) The Natural Oxygen provider needs to be the priority for every human being on the planet – This crisis and emergency situation is also an eye opener to the fact of what we have done to our planet. Doesn’t it come as a shock to you to realize that years ago you started buying bottles of water and now oxygen to survive. Does it make you think about planting more trees and keeping the environment clean? Natural Oxygen is different from Medical Oxygen. However if such times can’t prove how devastating human beings have been to the planet, none will. Plant as many trees as possible.

11) Stay Protected – We need to go to basics. Washing hands before eating, after eating was taught when we were children. It is time to make Mask, Sanitizer use/ Washing hands a priority and maintaining social distancing a priority like never before. Remember to sterilize or wash the mask regularly. Our protection has to be the priority for us, do not take any of this lightly. Suraksha hati, durghatna ghati.

12) Break the Chain for the Virus to Mutate – The virus has a nature to mutate and it won’t go away from us unless we break the chain. That’s going to be possible only if we follow the before mentioned points. Mask up well, till even one person is infected on this planet.

Our lives are in our own hands. We may blame anybody or organization or government for any mishap. What we need to be responsible for is our own doings. Sooner we get hold of it, the better it will be.
With a hope for the best today and better tomorrow, I wish we all have strength and wisdom as a country and as the world to combat this novel virus and create a new normal for ourselves. Most importantly may be learn to become Human and keep our Moral Values intact.

Stay Safe and Healthy along with Common Sense,


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