To a little child, one of the first things which is taught mostly is to say Thank you. A child learns to be grateful in the early years of his life. And as he grows he starts unfolding the meaning of being grateful. A pure mind when imbibes the Nectar of Thankfulness, creates a human of Grand values and kindness. In fact, gratitude is one very strong foundation of an education system.
The magic of gratefulness and the art of being grateful have been written in various books and the history and each moment passed by is witness to the act of being grateful and the energy of positivism it brings in our lives.

Folding Hands 🙂

When we fold our hands to pray or to greet, the act is used to receive and gather an alleged energy that is said to inhabit the universe.

The very life we have,
The very family we get birth in,
The very upbringing we get,
The very surrounding we get to see,
The values and culture we get to be in,
The very shelter we have,
The very basic necessities we are fulfilled with,
The Sun and the Moon,
The Sunlight and the Rain,
The light and the darkness,
The Food and the Water,
The Real needed clothes and fashionable ones,
The Smile and Tears,
The Friends and the enemies,
The Love and the heart breaks,
The closeness and the distance,
The Joy and the pain,
The very person around you,
The Army of people in your life, who love you,
The Companionship and the Solitude,
The very morning we see and experience life yet again…
….are matters of deep gratitude.

This list goes endless and each night and morning when we sleep being thankful to every little thing we have and wake up with to do our best, we grow. We grow as a human, as a family member, as a friend, as a professional and as a living being in this universe. We pass on and spread this energy to others and create a happy and wonderful world.

Ever wondered how does a Happy, Contended and Peaceful world looks like? Try to create your own, by being Grateful for every moment of your life. Count the blessings and Be the Magician of your Own. The World is in You.

Happy Thanks Giving Each Moment. 🙂

Let’s Say Thank You to Each Other 🙂

Thank you 🙂


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