Life’s all good, until Corona arrived. Isn’t it! Many of us have this notion. Think of it, scientists, climate change activists and people around concerned with changes in climate have been reiterating the fact that the number of lives it may take is more than warriors and innocent souls who die because of terrorism. Corona has just taken 1% of the lives affected.

There has been drought, flood in areas where its least expected, icebergs have been melting, temperature in Summer has been rising, just few meters away from where you are, there must be a land area filled with polythene, polythene which might be consumed by Cows, dogs around or the land must be getting polluted or there must be a mountain getting ready with those. Recently there has been enough communication by our government about ‘Swachh Bharat’ and about ‘No to Single Use Plastic’. Right from India to countries in Europe to New Zealand, there have been strict rules and regulations coming up on such usage. STILL we as users, have hardly been restricting ourselves.

We have fear of the Unknown. It’s called Corona but no one knows when it gets into his/her body. Its invisible fear. It’s New fear in the world which has made the human race to rethink of their own actions towards themselves and others, towards the animals and the environment. And if this fear is still not letting you think of the ‘existing fears’ and steps to be taken to correct the ways of survival, nothing ever would.

Thanks to CORONA, it may help the communities to survive ecological crisis, existing from years, here is how –

  1. The economy has slowed down – resulting in low carbon footprints. How?  – Restrictions in travel, work from home. Low supply leads to less disposable products ending up in landfill. So now, more than dependence on industry it is time when people are going to be suing environment friendly stuff in terms of food. The people and societies less dependent on industrial products are in heaven.
  2. Such situation is making people and government to plan ways to deal with public health emergency
  3. Airlines and ships low or no bookings. There have been enough campaigns to limit air travel highlighting sector’s massive and increasing climate impact. But who cares? Now you do.  Corona is helping in making this happen. What no one could do, this virus and fear of unknown has done. No running away from places may help local economies to grow.
  4. Spread of virus may lead to hike in fuel price, hiking the industrial food products. One may move to growing their own food/ vegetables. Going to basics. Taking care of your health through eating right is being done by Corona.
  5. Spend more time with family and friends – Work from home, Less travel  – Increase happiness
  6. Growing own food, reduces any other disease coming to you.
  7. Animals are in a happy state. China has banned the trade of animals early this year due to Corona. Animals which could have got extinct may get a new life.

What do we do to prevent?

The best way to prevent pandemics and avoid scale of human suffering being experienced in the world is not Self–isolation, handwashing only or wearing facemasks; Jettisoning of our moribund economic, food, transport systems and replacing them with structures that put nature and planet first is.

Corona Virus and the ecological crisis are linked symptoms of an unjust and unsustainable global system. The preventive steps for both are same. We need to live more locally, with due respect to animals around. This virus is a signal that human health cannot be treated independently from the health of the natural world – they are inextricably linked.

The keys are degrowing the global economy, regenerating natural systems and ending the systematic mistreatments of animals.

High time to realign our living in every way possible.

No handshakes for now, with washed hands, Namaste.

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  1. Truth. I loved this. We all are going to basics.. we are no more robots we are acting like humans these days. We have time to think. Think about us, think about society, think about environment everything for that matter.
    It’s our world and we have to make it beautiful.


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