Here is an exclusive talk I, Shruti Bhargava had with Robert Swan and Barney Swan in Antarctica during the International Antarctic Expedition 2018.
It is a matter of great pride for me to share with you the great insights about Climate, Antarctica, Renewable Energy and Sustainability right from Robert Swan, the first man in the history to walk to both the poles and Barney Swan, the youngest man to walk to South Pole surviving only on renewable energy this year.

You can watch the listen to the talks about –

  • The vast and deep journey Robert has travelled to Antarctica. What made him to create awareness about saving Antarctica? What has been he is trying to achieve?
  • How does the young and old generations respond to Climate Change across the world? Imagine Robert who is 61 and Barney who is 23 coming together to work towards one goal ? Listen to them telling about the same with their experience in different countries and people from various parts of the world!
  • The future of renewable energy coming in across the world and specific to India!
  • There must be someone who inspire the man who inspires so many across the world, get to know about that!
  • Role of schools and colleges to spread education about climate change.
  • A lot many of us are not aware about, why do we need Antarctica, lets know about that!
  • When Barney walked 600 miles to South Pole, (South Pole Energy Challenge) he had a tough time – know about the best and toughest time during his walk.
  • A message Robert and Barney for INDIANS.

    Thank you for watching.

More videos about the expedition can be watched through the following links-

Participation video-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8kub3JOEMQ&t=5s

College Workshop – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJQCP67vwvA


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