I am Shruti Bhargava. I am one of 90 lucky people from across the world who got an opportunity to be a part International Antarctic Expedition 2018, also called Climate Force.
This expedition was led by 2041, an organization founded by Robert Swan, the first man in the history to walk to both the poles.
He and his son Barney Swan led the expedition which was bringing 90 individuals from 20+ countries and about gathering knowledge about recycling, renewable energy use and sustainability. I got to have first hand knowledge and experience about the pristine continent Antarctica and saw lucidly how the Global climate change is affecting the continent which is the prime source of maintenance of Temperature of planet Earth.

I recorded this message on the way to Antarctica on 2nd March 2018, standing on the front deck of the ship on a freezing night for all my people who supported me.
Hope you like watching it.


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