Being away from something or someone you love is personal and intrinsic. Our attempt and intent each moment is to stick to what we love/ who we love and yet there are times when we are pushed away. Situations, mental imbalance and time play crucial role in making and breaking it.
I have been thinking for months to write and share with all of you (reading this note) that I have been a mess to be creative. The Innovative person in me went in hibernation zone who has not written a proper blog note or done something creative for more than a year. After all this time today, I feel comfortable in sharing the disappointment I have from myself.
Writing and sharing experiences gives me satisfaction and fulfilment. And when you relate and tell me about it, it just feels right.

From having shivers in self-confidence to losing another parent to being surrounded with the tough medical situations to struggling with professional and personal imbalance; this time has made me go through many possible kinds of storms. Good news has been that I survived. Tough news is, it made me tougher.

Have you wondered what’s tougher – Sudden Demise or Long-lasting disease?
In last two years We have seen sudden passing away of our beloved one’s. It’s been painful and more than anything acceptance of the sudden situation has been challenging. Though it has made me wonder that when one suddenly goes away, there is a setback amongst known people for months, a shock from which many people don’t even come
to terms and life gets tough with each passing day. The bright side is that deep down you know very well that there’s no option other than moving on. We bury the pain, put on the armor and strive to live by taking new challenges life has in store for us.
On the other side are people who suffer for years through an illness. Unconditional love of family, their willingness to live, never give up attitude and self-motivation keeps them going. When someone close has long lasting disease, life of those who are survived gets affected in a big way. It’s not an individual, it’s the entire family having a ride with a
broad smile and staying united. Easier said than lived, at one hand exists the relationship with the other person and taking care of that person in every way and on other hand exists relationship with self and its growth. Practically one has to be compromised. And most of the times when you care for someone you tend to compromise everything about you and put them over each thing possible. Time goes by and what really suffers are the opportunities for self-growth, mind-set, confidence in professional world, personal life. There are some of the exceptional people who are
smart enough to manage both and they deserve standing ovation.

Do you consider your body, the temple you own? Health should be priority; we are told and we often tell ourselves the same. How often do we really take care of the nutritious content in our body and specially the intake we have in our minds? Mind and body balance went to imbalance state for me. I gained weight which was visible, my body went in defense state and my vitals were not okay. Various problems came up and all I could learn and adapt from the situation is to have a proper sleep cycle and have a fitness schedule. No matter what. I would say I have been very late to have this regime but now I do. And I strive for it each day. No compromise in sleep and spending one hour to sweat out.
Better late than never, striving to continue and be firm on this.
As far as the mental intake is concerned, barriers are in making to take in only what’s necessary and required. Honest thing is, its Work in progress.

The experience of failing time and again to meet self!
Travel within is the most crucial journey of our lives. As much it is crucial, that much it is challenging to walk on.
Unable to meet another human during Covid Lockdown is one thing and unable to meet yourself is tragic. For a long time, we do not even get to know that we have been missing ourselves. So, this time has made me realise how important is “Self-Care”. No amount of money, facilities, place to work and grand family can take care of self. Self-Care is all about prioritizing self and learning to KEEP a balance amongst self-personal life-family-job-social life. Nothing can be bigger than self. Assuring right choice of food to consume,
Putting effort for spiritual awakening,
Assuring to Keep those who are important for our self-growth,
Working to do the job and not make it the priority. Remember you are always replaceable.
Having a routine to sweat out and sticking to it.

Each part of Self care is about building sustainable habits.

A shot from Renuka Ji Pond, Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

On this Self Care Day,
promising to keep self as priority,
to do what I love,
to invest time in people who are important as they are ingredients to keep me sane,
to practice gratitude and express; life is too short to keep thankyou from being expressed to the other person,
to Count the blessings,
to keep being creative as nothing is more fulfilling than that,
to keep exploring people and places.

Wish Introspection for you and a very happy Self-Care Time. The day starts now.

With care and love,


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