Ki/ Key Monastery –

Ki/ Key Gompa (is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on top of a hill at an altitude of 4,166 metres (13,668 ft) above sea level, close to the Spiti River, in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul and Spiti district, India.

It is the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley and a religious training centre for Lamas. It reportedly had 350 monks. Being remotely located atop a hill overlooking endless plains, the Key/ Ki monastery is an oblivious choice of calm and peace.

Read out the history of Key monastery here-

Right from the entrance point to the mid point which shows the mountain ranges to the Spiti river flow on the right to the main hall of the monastery – each thing is an experience so holy and peaceful. As soon as we entered in the main hall of the monastery, state of meditation and peace got inside us. We kept sitting for about half an hour. There is a strange yet wonderful silence this place has.

We walked to the back side of the monastery which was extremely windy. The view from this point was heavenly.
We also walked up to visit a small hall at the top where I met a monk who made us have kahwa, which tasted like nectar. He was quite interesting to talk to. He told about the history of the place this monastery and how do they manage their living here in extreme climatic conditions.

Before the visit I always use to wonder for why is this monastery so famous. Now I know.

The visit was over after playing basket ball with the monks. What fun it was!