This picture is to show an old beauty of Kamru and one of us sitting in a thoughtful position appreciating the small & beautiful things of the village.

The peak view guarded by clouds.

The synchronized colors of flowers

We found this door, which must be thousands of years old. The quality of wood and iron design on it was stunning.

The fruits absolutely fresh and shiny.

The first entry gate to Kamru Fort

Kamru Fort- The Kamru fort is a quiet sentinel, located at a fearsome altitude of 2,600 m above the sea level. This place is at a distance of 57-km fom Kalpa and 229-km from Shimla, The capital of Himachal Pradesh. The nature shows off its existence and the splendor of this land. Along its sides rise snow clad mountains, thick forests of deodar trees, and lush green and richly fruited orchards.
The fort seems like being placed over packing of dressed stone that acts like a pedestal for an exalted piece of art. The tower possesses an elegant wooden balcony.

The first Entry Gate to Kamru Fort


Kamakhya Devi Idol at Kamru Fort

Standing at an altitude of 2600m above sea level, The fort is set in a picturesque location and is entered through a series of gates. At the main gate of the Kamru Fort, a stunning image of Lord Buddha greets you. The graceful wooden balcony, at the top of the fort, and the idol of Kamakhya Devi, installed on the third floor of the fort, are worth seeing. There are a number of interesting myths attached to the fort.

Kamru fort is located on bank of Baspa River and surrounded by some beautiful places Rakcham Village, Batseri village and Chitkul Village, Chitkul Village is the last village on the old Hindustan-Tibet trade route. Sangla Valley is the most charming valley in the entire District of Kinnaur and Kamru Fort is main historical place of the Valley.

In about 30-40 minutes we reached Buddh Temple and then further. The real fort gate was all open to welcome us. And at the very entrance was this board telling the rules to enter in the main fort area-

The rule board at Kamru Fort

At the entrance gate only we met Mathru (the care taker of this fort) who gave us caps and a red ribbon to be tied on our waists. He said this way we would be giving respect to this place and its existence. It is a custom to do this before entering the fort area. After wearing the same we actually felt good and so much a part of that place.  Aren’t we looking cute!

Then care taker of the Kamru Fort- Mathru


Us 🙂

The light pink and dark pink flowers further welcomed us.

The dark grey structure of fort was at our right and temple in front, on our left were benches and the backdrop there gave a majestic view of Sangla valley. It was serene and magical.

The Kamru Fort

The temple at Kamru Fort

The old utensils and musical instruments were placed in the area, as if kept in the museum – in a tidy and artistic way.

There was some attraction this place had, which made us sit on the floor at peace for hours. We spoke less, smiled more. We looked around and felt lucky for the journey we were on was worth every risk we took to have a start.

The beautiful door and the window of the fort was so amazing to watch: