As soon as we reach here, a bunch of kids came in front of cab asking for chocolate and fortunately we had some. They were innocent and very demanding. They were naughty and adorable too.

We walked down to the post office, world’s highest post office. It was such a matter of pride to be there that all we did was look at each other, helped to walk down and posed with this board. We kept telling ourselves that yes, we’re really there, we made it. From such a height and far away land from the regular civil plain land living there is this hope of connection. There is no phone network in this region and the traditional way of writing gets honored through this post office.  It was a wow state for all of us. We got inside the post office and got the post cards. Each one of us wrote a post card letter to loved ones and family.
We were told that the post cards would be reaching our addresses in months. Some of us received the card and some of us are still waiting. This was the most unique experience of the visit to Spiti Valley. You know why? Because-

  • We were proud to be there – World’s highest post office.
  • In that far away land, we chose to write letters to those who really matter to us, like really!
  • We felt strongly disconnected and heavenly connected with our loved one’s without any instant connection.
  • The power of hand written letters was redefined for us.