Ram Lalit – Bhutte Wala

I have met this young boy (in this dark pic) several times. Today got a chance to interact. I offered him prasad (from temple) which he took and kept aside. He sells bhutta. I have been curious to know for how come at such a young age he works.
Looking at him I had thoughts like- Child labour, His study, How difficult it would be for him and if I can help him by any means, specially through teaching him. He cleared all the clouds in my head in one go.
His name is Ram Lalit, is 10 years old. He studies in a govt school in 4th std. And every day at 3 pm he comes with his thela of bhuttas at the spot for his & family earning. And now he has got variety of bhuttas to offer his customers. He aims to build his business.
While I left taking my share of bhutta, then did he enjoy having prasad.
His confidence in what he does surprised me since he didn’t left any window to offer help. What a self confident soul I met today and would keep meeting, who is full of innocence, yet is strong, who aspires for knowledge and growth, yet growing, who needs to be fed well, yet is helping others to get over their hunger.

– With Loads of blessings and leanings.


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