Ineffable Joy of Giving

It was the third time in a row in a week for me when I happen to go to the same posh market area in my city. There are various parking areas around the market and I for the very third time in the week parked the car in the same area. Last two times I witnessed few common faces in the parking – A handicapped girl sitting outside the entry area –begging, A kid along with her – playing & begging and a kid selling ball point pens packs – ‘bas 10 rupaye ka hai’- he would say to everyone and try and sell with a broad smile on his face.
Today there was hardly any space to park the car. I was about to exit with hopelessness when the little boy who sell pens hinted about a space and a car coming out. and in that full parking area I had got the space, which was just not visible to me from some distance. It was a relief. In fact it is a relief every time I get a parking in the big metro city I live in. I parked the car and thanked the little dude. He again told me ‘ pen le lijiye’ and I told him ‘wapis aaungi tab’. The other kid told me ‘ kuch khane ka le ke aaiyega market se’ and suddenly all three of them looked at me with their wish to be fulfilled by me. The wish! And I suddenly found the wish was common to three of them – the begging and the selling had to do with just one thing – Hunger. All they needed was food.
I did my required shopping and did special shopping for them. The moment the little kid saw me he said ‘haan kya hua” and I wondered about the surety he had about the fulfillment of his wish. He smiled and took away the food pack. Then I saw another little girl and asked him to share the food with her. The handicapped girl was more than happy to receive the food. And the dude there, he was kind of surprised and with a broad smile told me “THANK YOU” when I gave him his share of eatable. I wondered about his pronunciation and his way of showing gratefulness. Eventually I didn’t buy his pens, instead gave him what he was doing the selling for. He gave me that broadest smile – As if unknowingly I made his day, not knowing that he made mine.



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