Ineffable Joy of Giving! – Part 2


It’s been an eventful day for me. The Wednesdays are favorite of its kind, since it shows you how the week has been going and how soon the weekend is to arrive 🙂 .

I drove to one of the posh market of the city I live in. I parked the car and the moment I opened the door, a sweet, smiling, innocent kid came to me with a packet of pen and asked me to buy in Rs.10 and he mentioned that if I buy the pen pack he would be able to feed himself- “Didi pen le lo, bas 10 rupey me, aap le logi to main khana kha loonga”. I asked him if he would like to eat. And he replied to me immediately “aap market se chaawal le ana”. I smiled back at him.

I entered the market area and got my required work done. After that I wondered and asked myself what to buy for the kid/ kids. Kids – because I saw not one but 4 of them and one female who was handicapped who begs. I took a step towards general store and thought to buy biscuits, namkeen etc. but I took the step back and I reminded myself that the only thing that the boy had asked me to eat was rice. I looked around and found a north Indian restaurant  – got rajma chawal packed and asked him to put 5 spoons in the packet. The person at the restaurant did a great job by mixing the rajma chawal properly.

When I reached the parking area two of the kids came to me with hope in their eyes. Hope to get fed. I asked them to call rest of the kids in the parking area and sit together. Spoon was given to them. One said “Mujhe chahiye” and the one said “nahi mujhe”, third mentioned “mujhe bhi”. I told them to sit and since there is one box, requested them to share from the same box and eat with spoon. They accepted my requested and did as I told them. The little girl there very sweetly said “Thank you didi”.

Probably at 5:30 pm in the evening they were having the first meal of the day.

The ‘ask’ for exact thing needed “Rice” (knowing what they want), the hunger to learn, the moral to express gratitude inbuilt in them made my day.

I was so engrossed in observing their happiness of getting the food that, that time clicking a picture of their’s wasn’t a priority but then I clicked this hazy pic to look at it again and again and smile through the day.

This note is called Ineffable Joy of Giving Part 2 since I have written about the same place and environment before few months back.

Ineffable Joy of Giving



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