Dhankar Lake Trek – It is 3 km uphill walk. Just 3 km it looked, but we really had to sweat it out. But it isn’t that difficult too. Once you have walked for 2 km and reached a point which says Lake to the left (you don’t have an option to go right as you may fall in the valley 😛 ), the walk becomes easier. There are two reasons for the walk to become easy. One – the way further is less steep and second the spectacular view of the entire village that you will have once you reach this point is worth all the climb – The confluence in the middle, bowl shaped mountains, the helipad at the left, the monastery on the right – Pure beauty and bliss.

The confluence

The helipad in Dhankar Village

And then you tell yourself that now you have to reach the ultimate beauty of this place, which you get assured of, once you start interacting with the travelers coming back from the Dhankar Lake.

Well after that point too, it felt lost for some minutes wondering where the lake was. Now little bit of grass was visible with barren mountains at the backdrop.

There was this notice board at the lake side and trust me, everyone including us and others abide by each word and filled our minds with positivism, beauty and carefree moments.

                                        The half way relief sign board 😉
The very first view of the lake was its dry part. And for us it was the lake for few seconds till we found the real water stored beautiful green, majestic lake.

One stupa in this area beautifies this place further.

Sitting at the lake side and admiring the magic of nature is all we did. The moment we saw the lake, freshness had come back to our mind and body. All the fatigue because of the trek went away.

Here I am just adding some colors to this simple, peaceful and amazing place.

A peak can be found anywhere and right there at the side of the lake, I found these marvelous big stoned peaks –
We became child for sometime; the way we threw one stone at a time in the middle of the lake and everyone else kept watching the water eruption was enthralling and a team task, so to say. And the best one was this.

Have a look at a snow clad mountain followed by barren mountains and then a grass land with loose mud and a lake resides right there in between.
We spent about 2 hours at the lake side and had a peaceful, harmonious, bonded, joyous time.

The way to reach Dhankar Lake- The way was narrow and steep, as I mentioned earlier. Also the soil is loose, hence it does matter a lot what kind of shoes are you wearing. The shoes must have good grip, else not while climbing up probably but while walking down you might experience the slip. One of us did and was just somehow saved.

We walked back to the restaurant and hogged food, as if eating after ages. The trek made us really hungry.

Post lunch we visited new monastery and the orange colored beautiful doors took away my heart for some time. Colors speak so much in hills and generate so much positivism.
Then it was time to see the incredible 1000 of years old Dhankar Monastery. The complex is built on a 1000-foot (300-metre) high spur overlooking the confluence of the Spiti and Pin Rivers – one of the world’s most spectacular settings for a gompa. Dhang or dang means cliff, and kar or khar means fort. Hence Dhangkar means fort on a cliff.

A sketch that I use to draw in my childhood was right in front of me with land, river, mountains and sun at the top :).