‘The Train Tragedy’ – By Ravi Chatterjee

Have you ever imagined that how it’ll be if your station just passes by, as you get up.

 A newly married couple was traveling in Shipra Express. They were having the seats next to us. Both looked quite smart, but who knew that they were the dumbest of all!

I was traveling with my friends to my hometown Bhopal from Kolkata.  It was late in night, say 12.30am; and we were sleeping tight knowing that our station was couple of hours away.

I caught cold the other day which was still irritating me. My sleep got interrupted as the train stopped making a loud shrieking noise. I looked around; saw people hurrying to get down and to get up. It was a small station so I did not take the pain to know the name of the station.

Then my attention went to the young couple as a lady was crying at them “Vidisha has come, don’t you people want to get down”. The other moment they were off their seats on which they were sleeping like king and queen. They were aghast to realize that the train had already started, “but if they hurry they can still make it” I thought.

I was surprised by the act of the woman (wife) as she started to change over to a Salwar-Kameez. The husband was shouting in panic and tried to pull out some of the luggage before they actually jumped.

The wife jumped fine as the train was in a reasonable speed but the husband became bit late, so the train caught up speed. He must have managed to get some of his body parts fractured.

People around also panicked as their luggage was still there. One fat lady out of the spectators started pulling the luggage out and throwing it out of the train. She pulled out two to three bags and one suitcase which opened up while she was throwing it.

It was pricking me that how did she know which are the luggage of theirs (couple). Whatever, people praised her for her initiative to help the couples. “Oh NO” cried the lady, “they have forgotten their purse also”. I sat up; it was becoming interesting; I was curious to see to whom she hands over the purse.

All of the fat lady’s initiative and hard work was massacred when it was noticed that the suitcase she had thrown was somebody else’s.

“It was mine, it was my suitcase!” shouted a young man fuming.

The face of the fat lady turned pale and she became speechless. She could not speak for couple of minutes while the young guy tried to search his suitcase once again.

“Here is a purse left by them; you might get some help out of this”. The fat lady said in a defensive tone.

The young man looked confused to me, he looked at the purse and started to move towards it -“what am I going to do with this, I want my suitcase back”.

“You might find some phone number or address of theirs in this purse” said a man sitting nearby. The young man tried to search the purse for the same.

The train started to slowdown as it was nearing a station. I jumped off my seat and could not believe my eyes…..

It was VIDISHA station. “oh my gosh” I cried.


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