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Imagination, the painting & YOU

I wanted to paint my imagination,   So as to bring you to life. Everything I have dreamt of you, Every smallest of the goodness you carry, And the scars on your face, aah that makes you look so different. The tiniest of the details you have, To the dimmest of the moments, I wanted […]

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Solitude is the best state of knowing what you really want. Right there, a cup of coffee, a diary and a pen, a breezy evening and you create a story of our own.  

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मैंने देखा है

      मैंने देखा है,     दिन को सांझ होते हुए,     मैंने देखा है,     कली को फूल बनते हुए,     मैंने देखा है,     राह चलते मंजिल मिलते हुए,     मैंने देखा है,     इक्त्फाक होते हुए,     वो बिन मौसम बरसात,     […]

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