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” Read and visualize experiences in this beautiful journey of mine and others called Life! “

Hai Magar – है मगर

है मगर, मुझसा दिखता तो है,पर मैं मुझसे कहीं खो गया है।है मगर,देखता सब कुछ है,मेहसूस भी करता है,पर मुझमें से मैं खो गया है।है मगर,सही राह चल रहा है,पर वो खास राह कहीं खो गया है।है मगर,कई...

Have You!

Have you ever wondered how every bit around you is beautiful,How the smallest of the moment matter so much,How tiny is the world we live in that we can reach to anyone anywhere,How interesting it is to...

काश – Kaash

Kaash - A poem by Shruti काश मैं वो चांद होता जिसे छूने को वो अटल हो सके, काश मैं वो फूल होता जिसकी खुशबू सांसों में बस सके, काश मैं वो भूल होता, जिसे कभी...

“हाँ है”

समझते भी हो,इतराते भी,लफ़्ज़ों की लड़ी है साथ,साथ है ख़ामोशी की खंकार भी,मनाते भी हो,छेड़ने का कोई अवसर गंवाते भी नहीं,फिक्र करते हो,‘नहीं तो’ कहने से कतराते भी नहीं,हर कदम साथ हो,नाराज़ होने पर, चेहरे की  अभिव्यक्ति...

Maa – माँ

Hello की tone से समझ जाती है, मेरे मन की खलबली को, चुप रहूं, तो भाप लेती है, मेरे दिल में उभर रही तरंगों को,ऊंची आवाज़ में मैं कभी जो बोल देती हूं उससे, समझ जाती...


You will always see a smile on her face,And you might have wondered if she is ever under stress.You would find her fighting hers and others battles,And living with no regrets.You have always seen her independent,And Real,...

Sunset Messages

Every sunset gives a new dream,A new hope,A new perspective,A new thought.It makes us believe how beautiful is life,And if we observe and live slowly and steadily, respectively,We tend to believe deep in our hearts,The value of...

True Love

Its never ending like river,& as Pure as your soul.It’s as simple as Simplicity ,& 100% Secure.Its damn Fortunate and sometimes Serendipity,& A Tale never heard of.At times its Unaware,& Silent of course.It’s Loud like erupting volcano,&...

A walk on a Cloudy yet a Bright Day!

It was very sunny that day,And the winter afternoon was bright.I was walking alone,Sharing smile with strangers passing by.I looked forward to the continuity of the flow of Bhagsunath water fall,I looked back and had a view...

Imagination, The painting and You

I wanted to paint my imagination,  So as to bring you to life.Everything I dreamed of you,Every smallest of the goodness you carry,And the scars on your face, aah that makes you look so different.The tiniest of...

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