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” Read and visualize experiences in this beautiful journey of mine and others called Life! “

Sunset Messages

Every sunset gives a new dream,A new hope,A new perspective,A new thought.It makes us believe how beautiful is life,And if we observe and live slowly and steadily, respectively,We tend to believe deep in our hearts,The value of...

True Love

Its never ending like river,& as Pure as your soul.It’s as simple as Simplicity ,& 100% Secure.Its damn Fortunate and sometimes Serendipity,& A Tale never heard of.At times its Unaware,& Silent of course.It’s Loud like erupting volcano,&...

Imagination, The painting and You

I wanted to paint my imagination,  So as to bring you to life.Everything I dreamed of you,Every smallest of the goodness you carry,And the scars on your face, aah that makes you look so different.The tiniest of...

A Happy Soul

Have you ever opened the wings,The Wings of Your Mind,Have you felt the freedom it makes you meet,And the broadening of thoughts it gives,It relaxes you,And makes you fly,It energizes you,And makes you get away from being...

That Night

My house for the night. ...The night was still,So were my thoughts,The night was shining,So were my eyes,The night was dwelling in its comfort,So was my soul,The night was simple,So was my way,The night was enthusiastic,So was...

You and I

I look around,And I look at you.I look far away,And I look within.The distance makes me fear,The closeness makes me cheer..That each momentOf togetherness,Fun,Good times,The sudden conversationsThe inspiration you have been,For when I look far I...

A walk on a Cloudy yet a Bright Day!

It was very sunny that day,And the winter afternoon was bright.I was walking alone,Sharing smile with strangers passing by.I looked forward to the continuity of the flow of Bhagsunath water fall,I looked back and had a view...

The Ultimate Gift

Life,life life…..Its little ineffable.But still with depth.Hard to define,but every time a smell.Create muse with blowing blues,Full of breathe,ENOUGH,if felt with full depth.Is sloppy a bit,but so is its nature.Become steep if hard work is one’s nature.Black clouds...

भीगी बारिश

आज बारिश का नया रूप देखा,कुछ अलग नहीं था, पर क्या खूब देखा,पत्तों की हरी मुस्कराहट झूमती हुई,झिम झिम करती आवाज़ धरती की गोद कर चूमती हुई।बचपन के कदम, मस्ती में बढ़ते हुए,कुछ और नहीं तो माटी से...

चाँद चाँद

कोई चाँद चाँद कहता रहा,कोई चाँद को अपना बना बैठा,कोई चाँद को तस्वीर में उतार चला,कोई चाँद को रस्मों में बांधता चला,कोई चाँद को देखने की फ़िराक में, बादलों को गले लगाता चला,कोई उड़ान भरता है ये...

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