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” Read and visualize experiences in this beautiful journey of mine and others called Life! “

काश – Kaash

Kaash - A poem by Shruti काश मैं वो चांद होता जिसे छूने को वो अटल हो सके, काश मैं वो फूल होता जिसकी खुशबू सांसों में बस सके, काश मैं वो भूल होता, जिसे कभी...

बचपन में गर्मी की दोपहर

बरसों पहले जब गर्मी का मौसम आता था ,बचपन क्या मज़े उठाता था ,भीग जाती थी मासूम सी सूरत,उस गीलेपन में खेल खिलाता था,माँ कहती थी -‘चल आ मदद कर हमारी’,छत की तपती ज़मीन पे, आलू के पापड़...


'Expectation' - A poem by Shruti There is a strong belief for some goodness to arrive, There is a voice inside us which tells us to stay alive, There is a walk which we have been enjoying...


There is a busy life,And there is satisfaction.There is a hustle bustle,And there is peace.There is desire of the known,And there is a learning to know the unknown.There is a race,And there is a need to take...

True Love

Its never ending like river,& as Pure as your soul.It’s as simple as Simplicity ,& 100% Secure.Its damn Fortunate and sometimes Serendipity,& A Tale never heard of.At times its Unaware,& Silent of course.It’s Loud like erupting volcano,&...


You will always see a smile on her face,And you might have wondered if she is ever under stress.You would find her fighting hers and others battles,And living with no regrets.You have always seen her independent,And Real,...

चाँद चाँद

कोई चाँद चाँद कहता रहा,कोई चाँद को अपना बना बैठा,कोई चाँद को तस्वीर में उतार चला,कोई चाँद को रस्मों में बांधता चला,कोई चाँद को देखने की फ़िराक में, बादलों को गले लगाता चला,कोई उड़ान भरता है ये...

Maa – माँ

Hello की tone से समझ जाती है, मेरे मन की खलबली को, चुप रहूं, तो भाप लेती है, मेरे दिल में उभर रही तरंगों को,ऊंची आवाज़ में मैं कभी जो बोल देती हूं उससे, समझ जाती...

Lockdown, Quarantine, Hum, Ghar aur Corona Warriors- Sandesh

Who could have thought that such time would come when human beings would be caged in their own cage, by themselves. An invisible virus would make us realize each moment lived that far, sometimes with full awareness...

The Ultimate Gift

Life,life life…..Its little ineffable.But still with depth.Hard to define,but every time a smell.Create muse with blowing blues,Full of breathe,ENOUGH,if felt with full depth.Is sloppy a bit,but so is its nature.Become steep if hard work is one’s nature.Black clouds...

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