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” Read and visualize experiences in this beautiful journey of mine and others called Life! “

Vocal for Local, Self-Reliant & Sustainable Living India– WHY & HOW?

The best quality which my grandmother made me have is to be self-reliant and as much as possible independent. She use to say that when you know how to manage most of the things yourself, you gain confidence and health. And...

Is the world becoming a better place to live for humans while it is in lock down?

Who could imagine that such a time would come, when distancing would be more important than closeness? Who could have thought through, that the humans really would get caged? There have been enough alarms to tell us...


I felt like to put a pause on everything around me yesterday night. I have been living on my own for last fourteen years and I have loved it. I have a job and...

Fear of Unknown – Corona!

Life’s all good, until Corona arrived. Isn’t it! Many of us have this notion. Think of it, scientists, climate change activists and people around concerned with changes in climate have been reiterating the fact that the number of lives it may take is more than...

7 Easy steps to Composting

1. Choose Your Type of Backyard Compost Bin. You can use either an open pile or a compost bin. Bins have the advantage of being neat, keeping animals, flies out and preserving heat. You can purchase compost bins...

Less is more! And How ?

He said ‘Less is more’ and I wondered how, like you are wondering right now. Robert Swan, the first man in the history to walk to South and North Pole, said this addressing many of my co participants, while on the expedition...


To a little child, one of the first things which is taught mostly is to say Thank you. A child learns to be grateful in the early years of his life. And as he grows he starts unfolding the meaning of being...

How to make your low maintenance Green Eco friendly Living?

I am excited to share how I thought of and created a green surrounding in my house (living).I am mostly travelling yet when I have been at home, I have craved for plants around me, but the very thought of maintaining it...

Celebrating Childhood

It was dusk and I was in the park,When I met that person, that day.Bunch of children surrounded me,And they asked me to play.It seems quite kiddish,To join hands with them and start,Shyness covered me and held...

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