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” Read and visualize experiences in this beautiful journey of mine and others called Life! “

The encounter with the First Iceberg on the voyage to Antarctica – Day 3

Soul travel to the last wilderness on earth Day 3 –Part 5The night before, the ship entered in the Drake Passage. The patch of the sea about which we were told from Day 1 and the kind of sea sickness it can...

Experiences from Expedition in Antarctica 2018

I said to Mariam one of the days – “Doesn’t it feel that we are suppose to be here so are we in Antarctica?”And she said –” It looks like Antarctica chose each one of us, You, You and You to be...

Ineffable experience of Crossing the Antarctic Circle 66° 33′S of Equator

Soul Travel to Last Wilderness on Earth – Part 6!After a 3 days long journey at sea, surviving 2 storms and the bumpy Drake we finally reached Antarctica. We happen to be the fortunate bunch to have gotten the chance to get...

Ten things I Learnt from The Expedition to Antarctica

Each experience of life makes us learn something incredible. Little did I know that I would get an opportunity to see and experience the most important part for temperature maintenance of the planet which is peaceful, candid, serene place at the bottom...

Let us Save Ourselves, Nature and Antarctica!

Hi! I am Shruti Bhargava and I am passionate about travelling, photography and blogging. I work with a Media Company in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. I have been accepted to participate in a 13-day Antarctic Expedition hosted by Robert Swan, 2041 that will...

Environmental Meet Up at Investopad, Gurgaon on 18th Nov 2017

Environmental Meet up Date- November 18th 2018 Venue- Investopad, Gurgaon Smog has been giving me a lot of trouble. I own a car, but for long distances I opted...

51 Best shots and memories of Penguins from Antarctica on World Penguin Day, 25th April

Happy Yours Day My love! On the International Antarctic Expedition from 27th Feb to 12th March, one of my dreams turned into reality. I got to see in real the wildlife on the continent...

First day of the expedition to Antarctica 2018!

Soul Travel to the Last Wilderness on Earth – Part 3 -India to Antarctica- Day 1Day 1: 27th March 2018 The time had arrived to hit the Southern most city of the world, Ushuaia and start the ship...

Video of Shruti Bhargava Interview with Robert and Barney Swan in Antarctica snow fall

Hi, Here is an exclusive talk I, Shruti Bhargava had with Robert Swan and Barney Swan in Antarctica during the International Antarctic Expedition 2018.It is a matter of great pride for me to share with you the great insights...

Reach through Media about Antarctica- Shruti Bhargava

Reaching and getting to know Antarctica has been a journey which will be in me all my life to create impact among people and environment. I have been very lucky to have support of people and companies to make this project a...

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