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” Read and visualize experiences in this beautiful journey of mine and others called Life! “

What am I in this world? A self reflecting question-answering poem on Environment Day

What am I in this world? I often ask myself. What is the purpose of my living?I try to address.Am I adding anything to the surrounding I live in, I wonder several times? Is this life being worth lived, all this...

कोविद – १९ के द्वारा सिखाये गए जीवन के वास्तविक सबक

हमारे आसपास बहुत कुछ होता रहता है। कुछ अच्छा, कुछ बुरा। हर बुराई मे अच्छाई देखना,सकारात्मक सोच को जन्म देती है। परिवर्तन शीलता का ही नाम जिंदगी है। इस आपदा की घड़ी मे,हम परेशान ना होकर, ये सोचें कि इससे हम...

Hidden learnings of life – Covid-19 has brought in our lives

There is just so much going on around us that it has become difficult to keep ourselves sane during second wave of Covid-19. Sane to focus on doing something constructive. This is a feeling common to all of us living in...

Truth lived about Real Love

Over more than 3 decades of life lived so far, I have found love many a times and each time it felt, it was enough. Loving someone gives so much of courage that we tend to give ourselves to the other...

World’s Second Highest Paragliding Experience at Bir-Billing

In the bright month of May, I wanted to fly high and that’s when Paragliding came to my mind. I have been lucky to be based out of the capital city of India and that gives so much opportunity to explore nearby...

Solo travel exploring 12 best places around Rann of Kutch, Gujarat!

There are some places in India which must be visited on a full Moon Day. Rann of Kutch is one such place in the state of Gujarat in India. On a full moon night of December, I visited Rann of Kutch....

7 Best places to Visit in Dalhousie

It was this time of the year 2019 when my favorite season of the year had arrived in full swing and I wanted to witness the magical views of Dalhousie which I had seen in pictures only. Little did I know,...

Catherine & The Shalimar – The Travel Horror Story

2:00 AM: There is a whistling sound that wind makes as I run up & down the stairs panting, panicking yet determined to find it. Was it a mirage or was there really someone? Few hours earlier, I...

The Tropical Afternoons of Monsoon!

There is something to be said about the tropical afternoons in the months of monsoon, The crisp warm breeze sets in a sweet lethargy, The hypnotic rotations of the fan cast a slumber hex, The eyelids...

Things to do in Dubai for First Time Travelers

Dubai is one of the most visually alluring, staggeringly diverse, and distinctly modern cities in the Middle East. So heading to Dubai for the first time? Be prepared for a holiday of a lifetime! To make your Dubai trip planning easier,...

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