DAY 2- SHIMLA- SANGLA (8900 Feet)


The place where we had breakfast at Narkanda

Narkanda is a small place at the outskirt of Shimla, very famous to have peaceful stay in golf area. On the way to Narkanda we witnessed huge orchards of Apples. In the pic, the white cloth that you can see is to cover apples. The valley was fully loaded with lots of apples. We had breakfast here and another 6 travelers from Srilanka and Gurgaon joined us from here.

So from Narkanda we were 18 travelers, in 3 cabs and of course 3 drivers.

Via Jyuri, where we had lunch we were on the way to Sangla.

This Place Sharma Bhojanalay was where we had lunch. We were 18 + 3 drivers and the space was limited to serve, yet the host did their best.

It was pure veg eating joint. The food was simple and tasty. Daal, roti, sabzi and rice and rajma was the savior there. But then we had one person in the group who had to have non veg or at least an egg dish. We requested the owner. At first she denied. Then she did special arrangements at her house and got egg bhurji prepared specially for our friend, Khushneen. It was very kind of the owner to take care of such requests. She explained that since they are the only restaurant on the way and veg food is preference so they do not cook egg, etc in the kitchen of the restaurant and they stood by it. At the same time she took care of the guest. That lady was from Jammu, settled in Himachal Pradesh and running this restaurant with her husband. One of the memories to keep with us… forever. #foodmemory

The egg bhurji